Product Summary

The TA-100WA is a LED Arrow Signal Lamp.


TA-100WA absolute maximum ratings: (1)Model Number: TA-102; (2)Color: AMBER; (3)Dominant Wavelength (nm): 592; (4)Supply Voltage: DC 10V ~ 16V; (5)Power Consumption: 0.85 Watts at DC 12V; (6)On Axis Luminous Intensity(Min.): 350 cd; (7)LEDs Per Lamp: 20 LEDs; (8)LED Material: AlInGaP; (9)Lens Material: UV resistant Polycarbonate; (10)Signal View Angle: H: ± 6° V: ± 2°; (11)Lamp Size: Φ5.5" x 1.9"(143mm x H48mm); (12)Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 74℃; (13)Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃.


TA-100WA features: (1)High performance AlInGaP Amber LED; (2)Increase traffic safety by better device reliability & visibility; (3)Ultra low power consumption ( 0.85 watts ) for solar applications; (4)Save energy and maintenance cost; (5)High efficient optical lens (Patent pending); (6)Custom specification acceptable.


TA-100WA block diagram